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We bring executive-level financial expertise to your small-to-medium-sized business and help you increase your bottom line with services that normally only larger companies enjoy. We’ll partner with you to identify cost-saving and revenue growth opportunities that will position your company for maximum profitability!

About Us

Eddie Vargas, Founder and Managing Partner

Eddie has more than 26 years of experience in Corporate Finance, with the last eight as Chief Financial Officer for multinational firms averaging over $50 million in revenue. As CFO, he’s had direct responsibility over accounting, global tax, treasury, human resources, legal, IT, and global supply chain.


Eddie’s real-world experience gives him the savvy, analytical skills, and personnel management expertise that will bring immediate value to your organization. He understands the challenges and tough decisions you face every day. Whether it’s determining the viability of a challenging region, renegotiating loan covenants, creating a compelling investor presentation, or the toughest decision—how to right-size your organization—he can guide you through these transformative periods.

Our Services

Fractional CFO 

Business Advisory        


Tax Strategy

Cash Flow Management

Systems/Process Review          


Board Preparation

Business Start-Up         

Departmental Management     


Full Accounting

Our Value

We give our clients complete clarity on how their business is performing and deep insight on where they’re headed. We will:


  1. Ensure your financial reporting is thorough, concise, accurate, and timely.
  2. Understand your economic drivers and develop key performance indicators.
  3. Assess systems, processes, and personnel to instill best practices.
  4. Translate numbers into a compelling, understandable story so you can make informed decisions.

Markets We Serve

Oilfield Services


Business Services


Why Choose Fractional CFO Support?

Most small businesses don’t need a full-time CFO. But every business can benefit from CFO financial expertise from time to time. Fractional CFO support is the most cost-effective way to leverage professional financial advice without a staffing a full-time CFO.

  • Developing clear, concise, and timely financial reporting
  • Creating short- and long-term strategic forecasts
  • Identifying potential liquidity issues with accurate 13-week cash forecasts
  • Assisting with company formation and start up processes
  • Establishing banking relationships
  • Managing loan processes
  • Creating quarterly board reporting and documentation
  • Analyzing major investment and capital expenditure decisions
  • Managing and directing activities of departmental staff
  • Creating global tax strategies
  • Advising and assisting on ERP or other reporting software installations
  • Conducting forensic accounting
  • Structuring business internationally, entering or exiting markets
  • Margin and profit analysis
  • Managing audit processes
  • Company representation in public events
  • Vendor optimization for cost savings

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